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With so much to offer, here are our top suggestions that feature some of 11 Westside favourites.



If you haven’t already tried our famous table side guac, it is never too late!  We tailor the dish with our selection of fresh condiments to your liking.


Al Pastor and Baja Fish Tacos

Al Pastor and Baja Fish (pronounced as ba-ya) are two of Mexico’s most representative tacos that you have to try (even though we would love for you to try all of 11 Westside’s tacos)!


Ceviche Gonzaga

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets of 11 Westside.  Featuring fresh sashimi grade hamachi and other fresh ingredients, Ceviche Gonzaga is a hit amongst fish/sashimi lovers!


Moozen - South Cloud Lager

No meal is complete without a drink. Our recommendation is this Hong Kong craft beer brewed with southern hops and Yunnan raw Pu'er tea.  It's the perfect drink with the perfect combo.

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